What is Local SEO?

Search engines have changed and algorithms are now looking at your local presence and authority in your geographical area to determine how you rank in the organic or natural search results locally. Google and other major search engines are looking at where you are located when you are doing a search to determine what to display in the search results. This makes it possible for small businesses to compete for more competitive keywords in a geographical location that’s near your place of business.

Benefits of Local Seo

  • Customers Can Find You
  • Show up Ahead of Your Competition
  • More Search Traffic

How To Get Listed

There are many factors that come into play when getting listed in the google+ seven pack or google local listings. You need citations or NAP’s, a Google+ local listing and your business needs to be located in the centroid.

Naps & Citations

These are mentions of your business in the name, address and phone number form (naps). Think of a point system. The more times your business is mentioned the more popular it is and the higher the rank in the 7 pac.

Google+ Local Listing

In order to show up in the local search results you need to have a Google + local listing. Google will create a listing for you based on NAPs and mentions it finds but it is best you set one up or claim one of your own.

Located in Centroid

You need to show up in the centroid for your listing to show up. The further out you are from the centroid the harder your efforts will be to get in the 7 pac or on the first page.

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