Twitter was created as a micro blogging platform and can be used as a marketing tool for small to large businesses. Having a business twitter account consumers can follow you, like Facebook, but also connects you with other businesses. It provides users with information for your business and promotes communication. Create a business profile page for client to “tweet” about their business, products or updates on their information. This allows users with information for your business and promotes communication, while updating them on important information.Keeping consumers connected and updated makes them feel as though your company values their business.

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation”

Milan Kundera

The Illustrated History of Twitter

Twitter Marketing Strategy

Coming up a good twitter marketing strategy and budget is key to running a successful campaign. There many key reason why it is important for small or large business to have one. You can answer complaints and monitor your company branding to make sure you that clients and customers are happy. You can also chime in on various topics to promote your product or services as well as driving traffic to you your website. You can even set up a twitter advertising campaign to sponsor your tweets.

Why Twitter is a Must!

  • Engage with Customers
  • Monitor Branding
  • Driving Traffic to Site
  • Promoting & Advertising


Engage Customers With #hashtags

Being able to be connected to your potential clients and customers through your Twitter business profile can be very beneficial to your success in many ways. You can do things like; Interact with other Tweeters in a meeting room or convention using #hashtags. Also you are able look into what potential clients are interested in in your geographical area. You can even search events using #hashtags for example #weddings and market to those potential clients.

Using Twitter Tools

Combined with Hootsuite &, twitter can be used as a deadly marketing tool. In my opinion I would say that Hootsuite is the best twitter marketing software on the market today. Its also priced very well with a free option that is very useful. With twitter you are only aloud to use 140 characters.  Thats where comes in to play, thus allowing you to tweet out more cool stuff and information to your target audience.

Monitor Your Branding

Being able to monitor what clients, consumers or the general public say about you or your company can be very helpful. You can set up alerts using tools like Hootsuite to notify you when instances where others are talking about your company. You can either chime in and say hello or back up your brand with support if someone is unhappy. Your branding is your reputation, protect it.

Generate Web Traffic & Leads

Tweeting posts from your blog, articles for your website or just updates about your company or your interests will drive traffic to your company website or blog. This can be very helpful when you are looking to get more traffic. As a marketer whenever we write a new blog post or add new content we tweet, post on Facebook and Google+.  What this actually does is feeds your customers and the search engines with new content, this allows your new content to get crawled by google bots so your new content will show up in the search engines faster. Rather than waiting sometimes weeks for it to show up naturally. We have done tests and sometimes we are able to get our new blog posts and new content to index in google within minutes.

Twitter Ads

Twitter advertising is made simple and effective, making it possible to market your sponsored tweets to your target audience. This options is very inexpensive compared to other click based advertising. Although when considering advertising options I wouldn’t recommend only using Twitter ads alone. Combined them with Facebook advertisingPPC, Re-marketing and track your results through Google Analytics to make sure your marketing campaign is effective.

How to Increase Following

It’s best when growing your online twitter presence to build your followers naturally and not build them by purchasing followers or using a marketing bot.  Purchasing a mass following could waste your marketing efforts by targeting the wrong audience.  The best way to gain followers is to post relevant content to your business niche and you will pick up followers naturally.  You can also add your twitter handle to all of your marketing, your website and your business cards and ask everyone to follow. If you are sharing great content with your followers your tweets have the potential to go viral and this will also gain more followers.

Our Twitter Marketing Services

  • Marketing Plan & Implementation
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  • Tools Set Up
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